A week in Provence during July, primarily to photograph the Lavender fields. Day one and a rekey of the beautiful surrounding hill top villages saw just a splattering of Lavender. My initial thoughts were that I’d missed the main show and that the Lavender had been harvested. After speaking to a local guy, my fears were confirmed, however, he told me there are two varieties, Lavender and Lavendin, if I headed into the mountains and the Valensole or Vaucluse plateau’s, I would see plenty of Lavender, as the temperature was a little cooler in the mountains giving a much later harvest. A one and a half hour drive the next day saw me heading towards the Lavender fields of Voucluse, you can smell the Lavender long before you see it, the scent is so strong in the air.
My first attempt at photographing the Lavender saw me carefully walking around the edge of the field treading carefully not to damage the Lavender. I soon realised from the numerous Chinese tourist that the farmers had no problem with you entering well into the Lavender fields as long as you kept between the adequately spaced rows.
After the initial urge to capture the Lavender I soon realised you need something more than just a standard Lavender field, over the next few days I drove many miles through some stunning scenery in search of various compositions. Because of the driving distances involved I couldn’t be in the right locations for early morning or late evenings but I got really lucky one afternoon with some nearby thunder storms providing a great backdrop.